Following a referral, the Tara Home Social Worker and Lead Coordinator will complete a home visit with the potential resident and their family. 

The visit may also take place in a Skilled Nursing Facility or in a hospital.

The Tara Home Social Worker will explain Tara Home services to the patient and family or friends, review the Resident Admissions Agreement as well as the monthly charges and the food and telephone policies. 

The Social Worker will also clarifiy that, due to space constraints, it is not possible for family members or friends to live at Tara Home. 

The Social Worker will ask about family support and whether the patient has any specific needs for spiritual care. 

The Tara Home Nurse will ask the patient and family caregiver about current needs. 

As Tara Home can provide care for up to 8 weeks, the Tara Home Coordinator will also request records and support plan from Hospice and will consult with the Hospice nurse to determine probable prognosis. 

The Tara Home Lead Coordinator will explain how Tara Home interfaces with Hospice and will answer any questions about resident care and how the volunteer schedule is arranged to provide 24-hour care.