The emphasis at Tara Home is providing compassionate care at the end of life for Hospice-enrolled patients in a cabin at the Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel, CA. Trained Tara Home volunteers serve as caregivers, providing the same care that family members would provide for their loved one at home. Tara Home volunteers provide 24-hour care for the resident; volunteers are scheduled for 4 day time shifts and one overnight shift. Tara Home was established, and continues to be, a care home under the direct supervision of the resident’s licensed Hospice organization, staffed by a “family” of round-the-clock (thirty-five shifts per week comprised of four day shifts and one overnight shift) trained, hands-on volunteer care givers.  If available and desired, Tara Home trains family members and friends who wish to take an active role in the care of their loved one. Family and friends of the resident may participate in the Tara Home caregiving schedule on a case-by-case basis. 

Tara Home serves just one resident at a time. Each resident has a lead Tara Home Lead Coordinator who serves as the primary liaison with the Hospice Nurse. The Tara Home Lead Coordinator is responsible for communicating the resident's care needs to all the volunteers. The Lead Coordinator is present at all Hospice nurse visits so he or she can communicate the care needs and update the volunteers. The Hospice nurse lets the Tara Home Lead Coordinator know if there are any concerns she thinks should be communicated with the group. 

If there are procedures which are new to our volunteers on a given case, Tara Home volunteers will receive additional training as needed. Hospice support is available 24-hours a day for any urgent medical need or question concerning resident care.


Referrals to Tara Home come from a variety of sources, including Hospice, hospitals, and the community. Referrals may be made by leaving a message on the Tara Home voice mail system (831-477-7750) which is checked daily, Monday-Friday. 

A Tara Home Social Worker will be notified of the referral and will contact the referral source to let them know if the bed is available and to gather additional information about the possible resident. 

Hospice provides the medical care for Tara Home residents and the resident must be enrolled in Hospice, or become enrolled in Hospice, prior to entering Tara Home. 

As trained Tara Home volunteers function as family caregivers, the Social Worker will also determine if the possible resident has any skilled nursing needs beyond the level of care provided by volunteers. If a preliminary referral is accepted, the Tara Home Admissions team (Social Worker, Nurse, and Lead Coordinator) will meet the resident at their home, hospital, or skilled nursing facility.

The Admissions Team will provide an overview of Tara Home and the Social Worker will review the Tara Home Application for Admission and Resident Agreement with the possible resident and family. The Social Worker will also review the monthly charge for Tara Home at this time. 

Following the home visit, a Tara Home Coordinator will contact the Hospice Nurse and other medical providers to obtain information to learn about specific care needs and prognosis. Tara Home can provide support for the resident for up to 8 weeks and volunteers provide 24-hour care at Tara Home. 

While family members and friends may not live at Tara Home, they may participate in the volunteer schedule if additional coverage is needed. Once the referral is accepted, it may take up to 10 days before the new resident moves into Tara Home to allow time to confirm the volunteer schedule.