Tara Home is a home for terminally ill individuals in their last few months of life. Around-the-clock care is provided by a “family” of trained volunteers. Tara Home is located in a cozy cabin nestled in the redwoods at the Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel, California. 

Tara Home offers a place to live and compassionate care for those who are near the end of life and who need more care than their family and friends are able to provide. We accept applicants regardless of religious denomination and will make every effort to meet the individual’s spiritual needs. 

To be accepted in Tara Home, the resident must be a patient of a hospice and meet their criteria for admission. Hospice provides medical, nursing, social and spiritual services, as well as medical equipment and medications and will create a plan of care for the resident of Tara Home. Volunteer caregivers are drawn from the community-at-large, and are able to offer 4-8 hours of service each week. They receive an initial training including hands-on care, emotional and spiritual needs of the terminally ill and an understanding of the dying process. Additional education is provided in monthly meetings. Other volunteers are available for support services, such as errands, laundry, cleaning, massage and acupuncture.